Customized Mahjong set| Custom Mahjong set

Lately, the popularity of the traditional Chinese game mahjong has skyrocketed in Singapore, even finding its way into the hearts of numerous adolescents. This can be attributed to its inherent ability as a group game to promote social interactions whilst combining it with the thrill of gambling. With the increasing ubiquity of this game locally, the demand for mahjong sets has also inevitably skyrocketed. To cater to this burgeoning demand, Switts has decided to expand our range of product offerings to include customized mahjong set as well! If you are a fan of mahjong yourself, you may not revel as we are able to create customized mahjong sets for you.

Having been an incumbent in this industry for close to a decade now, Switts is glad to announce that it has now evolved to be a customized mahjong set supplier in Singapore as well. We have a team of dedicated designers who are skilled in creating customized mahjong set as well. We have created over a thousand customized mahjong sets with each set adeptly craftly to reflect your unique style and preferences. Trust our experts to deliver exquisite, customized mahjong sets that blend this traditional game with innovation, impressing your friends and transforming your typical mundane mahjong game into something truly unique.

Why Get Your Customized Mahjong Set From Us

Personalized designs

At Switts, we extend our bespoke product offerings to our mahjong collection as well, allowing for full customization of your mahjong sets. Feel free to consult us if you are unsure of what designs to opt for and let our expert team guide you through samples of the various customized mahjong set that we have done for clients in the past.

This unique customization option for your mahjong set will help add a personal touch and allow you to curate a perfect and meaningful gift to be remembered by. If you already have a perfect customized mahjong set in mind, all you have to do is upload your desired design in our system and we will be able to work with the images provided. Additional customization for your mahjong set such as the addition of glitter or solid colored sets are also available upon request.

Assured Quality

Providing high-quality gifts has always been one of the main priorities over at Switts. Our customized mahjong sets are created using durable acrylic or resin which provides for a smooth yet solid feel. In addition, every customized mahjong set will be manually checked before delivering them to our customers. This will help to minimize any unwanted damages or scratches. The stellar product and service quality provided by Switts has consistently left our customers happy and satisfied.

Reasonably priced offerings

Feel free to drop us a call anytime on our hotline if you have any queries regarding our customized mahjong sets. We provide top-notch service to all our customers at very affordable rates, starting from $170 , depending on the intricacies of the designs rendered.

We offer customization for both the front as well as the back of the mahjong set for those looking to add a more unique feel to their mahjong sets. Additionally, some of our packages include a customized mahjong casing at no extra charge.

Suited for any occasion

With the endless range of customization options available for your mahjong set, the options available for you are also plenty. You may choose to gift it to your valued clients as a Gift with Purchase (GWP) or even as a momento at a corporate event! Such a customized gift will likely provide a more personal touch to your gifts and serve to create a more lasting impression on your clients as well! If you wish to further impress with your gift, we are also able to specially curate finer packaging options as such as gold plated boxes or velvet cases which would exude even more elegance.

Place a pre-order for your favourite customized mahjong sets now
Discover your perfect customized mahjong set with us and contact us immediately for purchase. We are able to specially curate a wide array of both glitter and solid mahjong set, ensuring that there is something for everyone. To find out more, simply visit our website or drop us a call and our in house friendly experts will be more than happy to share further details on the customized samples we provide and experience the exceptional quality firsthand!

You can also choose your preferred graphic or ink colour for your mahjong set. We allow for the use of multiple colors on the engraved set for greater personalization. Metallic paint is highly recommended for graphics and flat paint will provide a nice finish for texts. To provide a more polished look to your customized mahjong set, you may also combine both paints!

As one of the rare few customized mahjong set suppliers in Singapore, our commitment at Switts is to produce customized mahjong sets to customers which are of premium quality. Once the mahjong sets are completed, we conduct thorough manual inspections to guarantee that your customized mahjong sets are flawless before delivery. With our stringent quality checks in place, you can be assured of the exceptional quality of our customized mahjong sets. We place our satisfaction at the forefront of every order so hurry place your customized mahjong set now!