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The Most Thoughtful Corporate Gift For Your Employees in 2021

When it comes to the most thoughtful corporate gift in Singapore that you can give your employees in 2021, the first name that comes to mind is gourmet gummies. This way, you would be able to gift your employees a sweet treat that they would remember for a long time. If you buy them from the best brands, you can get them in thoughtfully created packages such as clear acrylic boxes. When you gift them, you will realize these products were created for gifting.

Nylon tote bags 

The tote bags made from materials like nylon that makes them waterproof.

They are also capable of holding weights of up to 50 pounds. At the same time, you can also fold them down to a fraction of their size and fit them in your back pocket. You can even choose to customize them and let your employees proudly show off where they work. Eco-friendly trends have become more than a mere passing trend these days. Hence, there is a high chance you would see more of these bags on the street. They are functional and yet so stylish, thus making a great combination. You can always get in touch with the brands that make these bags and ask them for prices. 

Strawberries covered in chocolate 

If you are thinking about corporate gift in Singapore, it does not get much better than this for sure. This is indulgence at its very peak. Just think of this lethally delectable combination. Who would not love this as gift? Here you have a box that is full of strawberries that have been dipped in rich chocolate. It could be milk, dark, or white chocolate. At times, you may also find chocolate chips or nuts sprinkled on them. It is significant to know the brands that you can get these from. So, you can make your choice accordingly.


You can be sure that your employees would surely love a spot of greenery on their desks. They would like to have plants as gifts. Plants can be anywhere you choose to place them in their rooms. If you make them hard to kill and low maintenance they would be even happier. There are several options that you can go for, like mini gardens and single succulents. You can then customize the box they come in to ensure that you have the best possible plant gift. 


Are you thinking of gifting a bottle of wine each to your employees? Are you sure that they would like the same?

If not, you should let them personalize the selection by yourself for the random corporate gift. The good thing is that you have several options with companies that take all the intimidation and pressure out of the process. They can deliver wine flights in bottles that are as unique as it gets. This way, you can also help the budding wine enthusiasts in your office discover which wine they like. Apart from these, you can go for the likes of idea notebooks and other corporate accessories.

Customized Tote Bags as Corporate Gifts -What’s Your Take?

Do you use a tote bag almost every day for holding important items and as a carry all? Tote bags made of the sturdy canvas have become very important for us. They are considered to be versatile, super functional, made of durable material, available in a variety of colors and sizes, and they go well with all kinds of dresses. Isn’t it? These bags come well designed and hence are a must have in every one’s closet and as they can easily fit in all essentials required in any event. They function as very practical as well as eco-friendly corporate gifts in Singapore.

There are plenty of ways in which you can customize your canvas tote bags for any corporate event. Let’s take a peep. Firstly, selecting a colored canvas fabric for the tote bag would be a breather from the usual white or cream-colored canvas bags. A good corporate gifts supplier in Singapore will be able to offer you hundreds of shades to choose from. After selecting the perfect color for your company, you can also choose the sizes and even the thickness of the totes.

A goodie bag for a good event should be preferably lightweight, while an errand bag demands to be sturdier and thicker to store your shopping items and daily essentials. You can also add additional sling straps, which can be either adjustable or non adjustable. Short grab handles can also be included for extra ease and convenience. Securing the tote bags with magnetic buttons or zip openings can make them look sleek, trendy, and easily accessible. Adding compartments to your bags will save them from being a bottomless pit. So, for the best customized tote bag in Singapore, make sure you speak to the best suppliers for comprehensive customization service.

Tips to Select the Right Corporate Gift for Clients

We all know that customized corporate gifts in Singapore can enhance a company’s image and make it look more competitive in the market. So, keeping the competitive advantage in mind, if you wish to take your relationships with all existing as well as prospective clients seriously, then you must know how to select the right gifts. The market today offers a host of options. All you need is to choose the right one and customize it according to your preference.

Be it a customised tote bag Singapore or customized tumbler Singapore, you should know that choosing a proper gift for anyone is an art. Gifting is not just for the holiday season, as a company, you should show your generosity by gifting throughout the year. First and foremost, you must know your client otherwise you might end up buying something your client will not like at all. Keeping their personal preferences in mind, you can consider buying appropriate gifts for the clients. Personalization is the key to building a rapport with your clients.

Personalize the gifts with personal messages or even name engravings. There is no doubt that the customized corporate gift of your choice must also reflect the high standards and quality of your company. Thus the gift should be of extremely high quality and special attention should be also given to the packaging. Another thing to consider is that the gift should be useful. Make a practical choice, so that the gift does not get stored in some dark corner. In fact, it should be able to fit into your client’s daily routine. After considering the likes of the client, you should choose a corporate gifts supplier Singapore for a gift which would be powerful to send a message that the client is valuable and indispensable to the company.

Top Corporate Gifts for Travel Loving Clients

Worried about giving a gift to a special client who seems to need nothing? Is your client someone who is moving around the world almost every weekend? Then here is a list of some customized travel corporate gifts which your client is going to love. People do prefer gifts that are durable, useful, and practical.

Functional Toiletry Bag

The first on our list is a toiletry bag. A functional toiletry bag is an ideal gift for someone who needs to travel often. A very popular choice of corporate gift in Singapore is a toiletry bag. It certainly is one of the most important items you cannot do without while packing your bags. However, finding the perfect toiletry bag that fits all your essential necessities can be a bit tricky. A custom toiletry bag will be perfect for your clients as it has many benefits. It is made of waterproof fabric, comes with many pockets and a compartment to store your essentials. The sturdy zipper will prevent things from getting misplaced. Depending on your client’s taste or preferences, you can select a proper color and print your company’s logo as well as your client’s name on it.

Backpack with Laptop section

What would a regular flier want? Certainly, the answer is a good backpack and if it also has a laptop compartment then that is the ultimate combination that you should consider in the first place. If your client takes several short business trips then you can trust on a backpack cum carry-on, which is good enough to store your clothes and all other business essentials as well.  From good corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore, you can get a customized backpack that has an inner laptop lining, a bottle compartment on the outside, and other sections for storing paper and stationery. The weight is distributed evenly and thus your client is going to enjoy it a lot.

Synthetic Drawstring Pouch

Travelling means a lot of packing and packing. However, traveling can become a headache if you always have to rummage through your luggage to find any particular item. Here drawstring pouches in different colors come to the rescue. They are practical enough and take up very little space as well. You can pack your clothing, shoes, and other small items separately in these pouches. Just like any customized lanyard Singapore, these pouches can also be customized according to your needs.  Many good drawstring bags suppliers Singapore can give you endless options to choose from.

There are few more gift ideas to contemplate. For instance, there are some other handy corporate travel gifts available in the form of a foldable travel bag. Well, a foldable bag is lightweight and can be easily packed inside your luggage and it is useful in case you plan to do some shopping. A foldable cutlery set is a unique idea as it is eco-friendly and your client will always be happy to be self-sufficient. So if you have the right corporate gift Singapore to guide you, finding a perfect corporate gift will be smooth and easy.

How Can Corporate Gift Singapore Help You Predict the Future?

Future, everyone wants to see it, one way or another. It is one element that secures our anxious mind yet it fails to save us from the present requiring our attention. As a business, you are familiar with the importance of network and showing appreciation for your employees.

Nowadays, you can find many needed corporate gift, Singapore, suppliers. Are you wondering how to choose the best one for your unique corporate gift needs? In this article, we talk about things by which you can identify a suitable supplier.

Also, note that the future you want arrives when you secure your present. It means to show your gratitude and appreciation to your employees and clients. With a corporate gift, Singapore, you can customize, personalize, and send various unique gifts to make a receiver happy.

Without further ado, let us have a look at what unique and awesome corporate gifts you can get. Get your hands on contactless tools, face mask accessories, face shield, and hand sanitizer. Other gifts are a Bluetooth audio receiver, laser pointer, travel bag, bamboo tumblers, umbrella, and notebooks with USB.

There are no hard rules to apply when you are selecting a corporate gift yet ensure the gift has a purpose. For instance, gift of wellness, such as membership to a local gym, a gym bag, or fitness trackers. Choose electronics like smartwatches, portable Bluetooth speakers, and personalized USBs.

Or choose the best office essentials, such as engraved metal pens, digital organizers, memory cards, visiting card holders, and money clips. Go more appropriate with eco-friendly products like post-consumer waste notebooks, thermal coffee mugs, and reusable straws.

The whole point is to make your employee, client, or customer feel closer to your brand. As per recent lifestyle, choose a corporate gift, Singapore, such as essential oils set, shaving essentials for men, bathing care set, or mental health-boosting products.

If you are wondering what is better about us, here are the pointers to consider for a fulfilling future:


We are in the corporate gift, Singapore, industry for years to count. Our reliability is a promise we make to our customers, never delay without mistakes. Whatever product you choose, our team will ensure to deliver exactly what you seek, nothing else.


Each company has a reputation, one cannot understand or trust a company out of nowhere. Check reviews and testimonials on our products and services online. Do talk with someone you know who has taken our products, and partner with a reputed corporate gift, Singapore, company.


Are you not finding a place that offers great prices and meets your expectations? It is a tricky element, but we ensure you our products do not look cheap or break quickly. Our affordable products are high-quality and giving what our customers pay for.

Quality Without quality any product is worthless. A piece of junk with no value whatsoever. With us, you invest in high-quality items for your customers, clients, and employees. Are you ready to experience the finest in corporate gift, Singapore, to reflect your brand? Contact Switts Group, and choose from a wide range of products.

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at What’s Next for Corporate Gifts Singapore

The world is changing and with it, companies as well. Every company is looking for new marketing methods to gain more visibility and maintain a long relationship with employees, customers, and clients. It does not matter which industry you care to talk about, the need for corporate gifts Singapore, is a high-end method to improve productivity and efficiency.

From the employers’ point of view, corporate gifts provide the recognition and gratitude employees seek from companies. Hence, these employees offer their best to produce more sales and increase the customer base.

For instance, let us see Samsung’s corporate gifting scene. The company invests millions in personalized products to gift. Be it a customer or an employee, those customized products create awareness and a caring attitude among employees.

Go online and search for Samsung’s corporate gifts, and you will be amazed by their expertise in products. If you need corporate gifts, Singapore, get in touch with us, Switts Group. We are a premium and leading provider of customized, personalized, and a wide range of gifts for all industries.

Be it a gift set of a pen, custom cardholder, or notebook, with a contactless tool or thin and portable yoga mat, Bluetooth speakers, mini vacuum, or power bank. With a wide range of products under one roof, you will satisfy your search for gifting products in the marketplace.

Also, with a team of professionals, we execute and deliver each quality gift with extreme professionalism, precision, and pride. Want your brand name on a high-capacity pen drive, get it here. Do you want coffee mugs with your company logo and motto? Check with us today!

Now, some exclusive sneak peek pointers to what is with corporate gifts, Singapore, you require:

Increase in Valued Sales and Brand Awareness

A gift has emotional and physical weightage. For instance, if a customer receives a gift, he or she will keep in mind your company and the way you treat your customers. As a result, you create more sales and brand awareness. Interestingly, a customer does not stop at a personal level, he or she will tell others what you gifted.

Develop & Strengthen B2B Relationships

When you see a name or an idea every day, the chances of the perceiver making it as a memory is there. With corporate gifts, Singapore, you establish a ground of thoughts and memories through a useable and memorable gift product.  For example, what if you gift branded masks every time a customer buys your product.

Boost Positivity and Care During Tough Times

The world is going through never experienced emotional crisis. The need for positive and upliftment gestures is high. With the serious sanitary crisis, corporate gifting can boost positive mental health and secure a person’s care during the present tough times.

Final Words: Improve Brand Image and Customer Loyalty

The best to way describe the excellence of corporate gifts, it improves employee loyalty and commitment, and above. Clients receive your gifts as they are important, employees receive with increased positive feelings, and customers love gifts and bragging about them. So, are you curious about corporate gifts, Singapore? Chat online with us.

5 Corporate Gifts Singapore Will Change the Way People Think About Everything Nowadays

For some companies, regardless of industry, corporate gifting is a significant part of their marketing strategy. Employees and contacts are assets who need recognition and corporate gifts provide such sublime gratitude. Research and come with the best of best employee recognition and consumer attraction gifts.

In this article as the title suggests, we are giving you five corporate gifts Singapore that will supercharge people’s emotional value. It is one factor that increases and decreases the value of anything for a person. So, whether you are planning for gift vouchers, rewards, gift boxes, or premium merchandise, ensure that it meets some needs of a receiver.

Nowadays, everyone is either working from home or going through some low time. As the world is mourning for lost lives, people are hopeless and gloomy.

As a company, if you are thinking about corporate gifts for them and other associates, it will have profitable and emotional state upliftment benefits. Get creative, go for utility items, check qualitative, not quantitative, and budget.

If you are looking for unique corporate gift ideas to wow and awe your clients and employees, get in touch with Switts Group. We are a reliable and dedicated corporate gifts provider to meet various aesthetic and functional requirements to enhance the brand’s reputation.

Keep in mind that you need to avoid carbon-copy gifts. Such gifts end up in one corner of a dusty closet. As per the present situations, choose something practical, useable, and unique for your recipient to enjoy and cherish.

Webcam Cover

Online meetings are tiresome and everyone is on one of them now. A webcam cover will offer your employees and clients the sense of trust they require. After a day of countless online meetings, when a person covers the webcam, the feeling is majestic to count.

Contactless Tool

Opening your workspace? What’s a better gift than a contactless tool. It is the perfect carry tool to open doors and constantly use surfaces like atm, necessary items, buttons, handles, and workstations. Visit our official website and have a look at its brilliance for everyone.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Gone the days of cheap water bottles hanging around with people. If you are searching for useable corporate gifts, one of them is an aluminum water bottle. It does not bend or break, it keeps water or other liquids cold and hot for a period and looks good with a person after company personalization.

Customized Moleskin Notebooks

Notebooks are storage boxes of a mind. It should hold high-quality covers and remarkable quality pages. And with customized moleskin notebooks, your ideas will take up the cover space and personalization setting. Hence, the perfect gift for employees and clients to carry around with their notes.

Final Words: Neck Pillow Work from home is not vacationing. It comes with neck pain and other muscle strains. A neck pillow is not a travel accessory gift either. It is one of the useable and comfortable corporate gifts, your recipient will smile upon receiving. Further, get in touch with us on our official website through email, online chat, or call today.

Some Crucial Factors To Consider Before You Buy Corporate Gifts

When you are buying corporate gifts you must allocate a budget for the same. When you have a budget ready for such work it helps you buy gifts for all types of promotional events and other such occasions. Please refrain from overspending in this regard. Always ensure that you are staying within the expenditure limits when it comes to buying these gifts. Please remember that you would also have to spend money in wrapping the gifts and delivering them to the recipient. So, include those expenses in this budget as well. After all, there is always a need for these gifts to look worthy of being presented.

Go for the useful gifts

You need to make sure that the corporate gifts Singapore you have chosen are useful for your clients. So, when you are selecting such a gift always make sure that you are going for something that the recipient can use regularly. It should also be something that lasts long. Making such a gift will make sure that you as well as your company would stay in the minds of the recipients whenever they look at the gift you sent them. The best examples of such gifts are coffee mugs, wall clocks, and USBs (universal serial buses), to name a few.

Never compromise on quality

Corporate gifts are supposed to be the best way you can make the relationships you have with your customers and clients stronger. This helps you get repeated business and improves your bottom line as well. These gifts are a reflection of your company – your brand, so to say. This is why you must never compromise with the quality of the gift just so that you can save some money. Please steer clear of the tacky and low-quality gifts as they can destroy the image your clients and customers have of you.

Always take cultural differences into account

A country like Singapore is home to people from all over the world with their unique religious beliefs and cultural practices. So, when you choose corporate gifts in such a milieu you must keep those in mind as well and honor them too. Let us say you are gifting something to a Chinese person. In that case, please do not wrap the gift in white as they associate the color with death. In this day and age it would also be better to avoid gifts that cater to any gender as such.

Select gifts keeping the event in mind

You can send corporate gifts on all types of joyous occasions. This includes the likes of festivals, when you are launching a new product, or during other promotional events. However, please remember that all these events differ from each other in terms of their theme and the overall vibe they have about them. This is why you need to buy these products in accordance with the dominant theme of the event for which you are making a gift. Let us say the event is for an office. In that case you must focus on the employees.  

The Reasons Why You Would Love Corporate Gifts Suppliers Singapore

Businesses do what they must to keep employees and clients happy. Yeah, if these sets of people are joyous about your products and services; business gets profitable.

Are you planning on sending them gifts for the upcoming CNY 2021 or just to cheer them up after the whole pandemic setting? Whatever your reason is, as one of the most-reviewed corporate gifts suppliers Singapore, we have your back.

In other words, corporate gifts suppliers Singapore, such as Switts, offer personalized and customized supply of different corporate gifts.

For example, if you are looking for a digital notebook as the substitute for paper books, we have them as per your demand for your employees. Also, get your company logo on the notebook’s cover promotional benefits.

If you wonder, are corporate gifts suppliers’ worth trusting or not. We are auspicious, outstanding, and profound at what we do.

You can chat with us or references and past clients for credible words. Also, you can order lifestyle gifts, travel accessories, electronics, and IT gadgets, such as Bluetooth speakers, laser pointers, and tablets.

Now, the reasons why you would love us for being your selected, one of the corporate gifts suppliers Singapore. We provide stationery products like document folders, felt folders, L shape folders, post-it notes, and plush toys.

  • A Wide Variety Of Products

Take a look at our online store to have an idea about the wide variety of products we provide. Whatever your idea to gift your employees and clients demands, we have it.

corporate gifts suppliers Singapore

For instance, customized moleskin notebooks, digital notebooks, notebooks with USB, promotional pens, jackets, lanyards, Polo t-shirts, and eco-friendly products.

  • Discounted Rates, Adequate Quality

Nowadays, finding a discounted rate with adequate quality is a tiresome task. Don’t go with our words, but experience and see for yourself on our website what we offer.

From aluminum water bottles, tea glass infuser cups to tumbler, wine set accessories, each product has a competitive discounted price.

  • Chat, Email, Or Call: Always Available For Customers

Now, the last part, if you are interested to know more or want to partner with the best of corporate gifts suppliers Singapore, chat or email us, our representatives are always ready for our customers.       

Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Singapore National Day Parade is one week away from happening and corporate owners are looking for gifts supplier.

What issues could arise in choosing a corporate gifts supplier in Singapore? Nothing as sort, but does not the delivery and quality are doubtable? As a corporate, you need fine quality products to gift many people before the national parade.

The delivery time cannot be compromised further. So which supplier to finalize on short notice and on what tips!

As a business, you know how much it is to keep the network happy and channeling for other companies and your employees’ appreciation. You cannot miss anyone and on-time things needed to get done.

For all these questions and worries, here are three professional hints to choose yourself a gift supplier to deliver your selected item on time.


You should ensure that the supplier you are choosing has completed their taken order on time or not. Check their profile online or ask your HR to see through their work. It will assure you of the supplier’s work pace and importance.


This hint is not another tricky one; it is tricky. A gift company may offer you good price for the good products, but what if you are paying less and the company deliver cheap products. You cannot do anything about that after delivery. So, make sure that you check the products and pay the right price. There are gift companies offer value for money products.


You will feel bad if you pay a ton of money on a product that looks cheap and is fragile. Nobody wants to pay for that product. Moreover, giving a low quality gift can damage your reputation in front of the customer, client, or business associate. So better ensure the quality of your gift before making payment.

Last, to share with the readers, choose your corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore after seeing these three conditions. You can get good quality at a low price, but be sure not to waste money on cheap quality and pricing. For more and gifts, click on Switts Gifts.